• The story of James

    -   A case study looking at how one young man was supported by therapeutic carers to move beyond his past and look toward a brilliant future.

  • The Uncertainty of Child Protection

    Child protection is a minefield of impossible decisions. Children live with the consequences of each judgement, each choice. Here, Joe Tucci looks at the difficulties of working within and alongside Child Protection, calling for support as well as scrutiny for its workers.

  • Lessons from the Royal Commission Part 2

    In part 2 of our series looking at lessons from the Royal Commission thus far, we outline some of the important insights in relation to the nature and prevalence of child sexual abuse; perpetrators and organisational awareness of abuse.

  • Therapeutic Parenting

    Here, Deputy CEO Janise Mitchell discusses therapeutic parenting, its theoretical underpinning and its implications for practice.

  • What if the world hurts?

    What if your teacher’s voice feels like a dentist drill? What if the walls of your classroom feel like they are crowded and moving? What if the seam on your sock drives you to distraction and makes it almost impossible to listen to what is being said to you? Beth Guy looks at the topic of sensory defensiveness and what it means for children and young people as well as those who support them.

  • Sexting and Young People

    If you work with young people, you no doubt know about sexting – the act of sending nude or provocative pictures via text on mobile phone or social media.  What you may not know is that doing so amounts to a criminal offense under Commonwealth Law, even if all parties are willing.

  • All at sea with children's behaviour

    When discussing the behaviours of children with parents in our Bringing up Great Kids parent groups, we offer them a fresh way of viewing and thinking about what they see in children’s behaviours.  This blog entry looks at our model and how we use it.